Are your projects highly effective or ineffective?

Ineffective project management gets bogged down with poor planning, miscommunication, scope creep, and misalignment of roles and responsibility.

Even though project management tools and technologies can streamline processes, facilitate communication, and track project progress, good managers of projects take it a step further, whatever their role - PM, HR, Exec, or other.

Become a highly-effective project manager with Master Project Manager¬ģ (MPM¬ģ) or Human Resources Project Manager (HRPM) Certification. Learn how to masterfully simplify the process so that clarity drives the project forward, even¬†in¬†today's fast-paced business environment.¬†

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What to expect in the MPM/HRPM Certification Course?

When you certify as a project manager, you will gain the skills and tools you need to succeed in your own projects and in your organization.


MPM & HRPM Certification

Master Project Manager (MPM) Certification


Certification includes:

  • Courses start:
      June 4-7, 2024
      August 6-9, 2024
      October 8-11, 2024
  • For professional project managers and other roles
  • 8 modules over 4 days, live and online
  • Earn 30 PMI PDUs
  • Free project management coaching sessions¬†
  • Best-selling book¬†¬†The New One-Page Project Manager
  • One-Page Project Manager Suite of Tools

HR Project Manager (HRPM) Certification


Certification includes:

  • Courses start:
      June 4-7, 2024
      August 6-9, 2024
      October 8-11, 2024
  • For HR professionals
  • 8 modules over 4 days, live and online
  • 28 SHRM PDCs
  • 28 HRCI business credit hours
  • Free coaching sessions¬†
  • Best-selling book¬†¬†The New One-Page Project Manager
  • One-Page Project Manager Suite of Tools

Group Training & Executive Coaching


Benefits include:

  • Bring seriously simple project management to your team or organization
  • Custom project management training for teams
  • Group MPM/HRPM certification courses
  • Project management coaching for executives
  • Schedule at your time and¬†convenience
  • Free coaching sessions¬†
  • Focused training on organization-wide One-Page Project Manager¬†

10 Steps to Seriously Simple Project Management:


1. Clear Goals and Objectives: 

Clearly defined project goals and objectives provide a roadmap for the project team, ensuring everyone understands the purpose and desired outcomes.

2. Robust Planning:

Thorough planning, including defining scope, creating schedules, allocating resources, and identifying risks, lays a strong foundation for project success.

3. Effective Communication:

Open, transparent, and frequent communication among team members, stakeholders, and project managers fosters collaboration, alignment, and timely decision-making.

4. Strong Leadership:

Effective project managers provide strong leadership, guiding the team through challenges, resolving conflicts, and inspiring confidence in achieving project goals.

5. Stakeholder Engagement: 

Engaging stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle, understanding their needs and expectations, and managing their concerns proactively ensures their satisfaction and support.

6. Risk Management:

Proactive identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks minimize the likelihood of disruptions and enable the project team to respond effectively to unexpected challenges.

7. Agile Adaptation:

Embracing agile principles and methodologies allows project teams to adapt to changing requirements, market conditions, or stakeholder priorities, ensuring the project remains relevant and valuable.

8. Quality Assurance:

Prioritizing quality at every stage of the project lifecycle, from planning to execution to delivery, ensures that the final product or service meets or exceeds expectations.

9. Resource Optimization:

Efficient allocation and utilization of resources, including human, financial, and material resources, maximize productivity and minimize waste.

10. Continuous Improvement:

Encouraging a culture of continuous improvement through lessons learned sessions, feedback loops, and post-project reviews enables the team to refine processes and enhance performance over time.

The Team at PMRGi

Project Manager Training that Matters

Project Management Resource Group is a national leader in training and certification for human resource and project managers. PMRG has conducted hundreds of courses, seminars and onsite trainings all across the U.S. over the past twelve years.

Our ongoing mission is ‚Äú Providing high-value educational programs for human resource and project managers by focusing on must-learn topics in the forefront of project management techniques and methodologies, while enhancing personal‚ÄĒas well as professional‚ÄĒgrowth and development.‚ÄĚ


The knowledge that was gained in this course  helped to clarify how critical the soft skills (i.e. communication, accountability, relationship building/maintaining, negotiating) are in further enhancing your skills as a project manager."

- MPM Course Participant

This course really solidified the Project Management framework for me because, unlike other PM courses, the HRPM course is delivered in the context of HR. Incredible opportunity to learn from thought leaders in the field of Project Management!

- HRPM Course Participant

What does success look like to you? I will ask this question at the conception of every project moving forward. That question answers a lot of WHY's within a project's scope and attainability. The quality of my projects will only improve after that question and this course."

- Executive Training Participant

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