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Project Complexity to Management Simplicity

May 01, 2024

Even though managing projects has become a key responsibility for all professionals who manage initiatives, lead people, or are tasked to accomplish institutional goals, being trained in project management tends to be seen as a requirement only for official project managers. Consequently, many projects are encumbered by one of two extremes: TMI – Too Much Information or TLI – Too Little Information. Successful project managers learn to strike a balance between TMI and TLI.

Most project management software solutions create TMI in their very design. When too much data entry is required of users and there are far too many ways to manipulate the data, too much information is the result. This can lead to limited project buy-in, distraction from important progress indicators, and even team “burnout” because the system of project management becomes unwieldy. With TMI, project managers often end up isolated in their ownership of the project's success or failure.

On the opposite side of TMI is TLI—too little information about project progress. TLI often occurs when key team leaders in positions such as HR, sales, finance, and other departments lack the tools and training they need to manage projects efficiently and sufficiently. Each of these divisions has real projects that need to be delivered—HR rolling out a new benefits package, sales reporting on territory-specific initiatives, and finance conducting annual audits and reports. But when the need for good project management is not understood or is undervalued, too little information tends to be the result.

PMRGI offers project management certification for both HR and other management professionals. The Human Resource Project Manager (HRPM) certification provides HR professionals with key skills that go beyond traditional SHRM and HRCI certifications. With HRPM, HR leaders learn foundational project management concepts and seriously simple communication skills that can maximize the success of their initiatives.

By nature, projects are complex collaborative efforts—even those managed by professional project managers. Successful PMs are outstanding communicators with the ability to adapt along the way, supported by the essential tools and techniques of good project management. The Master Project Manager (MPM) certification strikes the balance between TMI and TLI, regardless of project size or what project management software is used. The MPM course is designed to broaden your understanding and refine your practice of essential project management elements.

As a successful professional, there is no need to persist in the extremes of TMI or TLI. With HRPM and MPM, learn how to track and implement “sufficient and efficient” project success indicators so that you can drive all of your projects to successful delivery.

Originally published on LinkedIn, March 12, 2024:


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