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Powerful Yet Simple HR Project Management Communication

Apr 15, 2024

The One-page Project Manager has helped thousands of companies around the world simplify the complexity of project management. And nowhere are projects more complicated than when working with the complexity of human beings as we manage HR projects.

The problem is that HR departments are being asked to do more as they align people with changing business needs and outcomes. We sometimes think that HR processes are set in place and stay in place. But the truth is that our HR processes are constantly in flux as organizational leaders come and go, customer preferences evolve, technology advances, and as the world continues to change in ways that we couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago. And so HR is also constantly changing. New initiatives are continually being started and new projects have become a normal way of doing business as we continually innovate, improve, and add new value.

 OPPM has helped hundreds of HR professionals be able to speak confidently and intelligently about project management and become effective project managers.

“OPPM is a must for any organization and all project managers in HR. It will help any project manager and project team understand the deliverables and always exceed expectations.”   W. Loban, CHRO

Watch this blog for continued updates on how OPPM can communicate your HR projects and dramatically improve the probability of their success.

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